No other Martial Arts is like KICKERS!
Our programs are completely unique, as they incorporate the BEST of the following styles: Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Hapkido, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Yoga, Kick Boxing, Tai Chi, and Boxing.


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Kickers Martial Arts Center has everything you have been looking for!

We offer Martial Arts Classes for: Adults, Children, Families & even Pre-School Age Children.

We teach comprehensive weight loss program with high energy, heart pumping Kick Boxing Classes.

Just for kids we have an Exciting Summer Camp for school aged children and during the school year we offer an alternative to day care for children who are not quite ready to stay at home alone with our After School Kids Connection

We also provide another level of martial arts training, which encompasses a Total Life Improvement Program. Our approach is like no other martial arts school, as we take in to account personal development as it applies to the while person. Through our training, members are also able to learn valuable life habits that have shown to benefit them in other areas of their lives. Our unique curriculum is based on promoting physical, mental, and moral fitness, leading to financial and life fitness!

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Physical Fitness: To defend yourself against, not only a punch but drugs, cigarettes, stress or junk food that keeps you from getting in shape.

Mental Fitness: Defend yourself from verbal attacks, criticism, personal remarks, curses, racial slurs or attacks. Learn to build positive relationships with others.

Moral Fitness: Protect yourself from personal attacks; Fear, Anger, Depression or Self Doubt. Build Exceptional Personal Power.

Financial Fitness: Defend yourself from Financial Attacks; Poor Spending habits or excessive Credit Card Balances. Build Financial Freedom.

LIFE Fitness: Learn how to defend yourself from Life Attacks; Both internal and external obstacles that keep you from achieving your goals. Create a new level of SUCCESS.